The Source of our Songs

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2019

The Source of our Songs - Evangeline Inman -

You’re the reason for my praise;

It comes from you and goes to you.

Psalm 22:25 (TPT)

Everything we need comes from God, even our praise. David the psalmist wrote, “From You comes my praise in the great assembly.” God is the source of all good things, including the inspiration for songs.

He is the One who gave you the musical talent. He is the one who blessed you with a mind coherent enough to form and construct lyrics. Your ability to hear music is an invaluable gift. Even the desire to write comes from Him. God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

King David was setting his affairs in order. His son, Solomon, would soon take over the reign of the kingdom of Israel. King David summoned all of the leaders of Israel to Jerusalem. He met with them concerning the building of the temple which his son would complete. He had already given from his private treasuries, tons of gold and silver for the construction.

King David inspired the leaders to give generously. He praised the Lord in front of the entire assembly for the massive offering of gold, silver, bronze, iron and precious stones. The words of his prayer show us the attitude of this songwriter king. He says, “Wealth and honor come from You alone.” He continues, “Who are we to give this offering to you? Everything we give is only what you have given to us first. Even the materials that we gathered to build this temple comes from You!”

King David recognized that everything he had was a gift from the hand of the Lord. He gave liberally from his personal finances in his offerings to the Lord, but he doesn’t pat himself on the back. Instead, he points and says, “It’s all from Him, I am just giving what He gave to me.”

 So it is with songwriting. Every song you bring as an offering to the Lord will only be giving back to Him what He initially gave you in the first place. The song really doesn’t come from you. It comes from your Heavenly Father, you’re simply giving it back to Him.

Jeremiah the prophet spoke this promise from God, “I will put a desire in their hearts to worship Me.” God can give you a desire to worship, pray and follow His ways. Ask Him to fill your heart with a desire for worship, awe and reverent fear towards Him. Pray for a desire to write songs that will bring God honor. Everything we need and want is found in Him. We can only give what we have first received.


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